Envelopes DL

DL Envelopes Printed in 1 Colour to Full Colour

Our DL envelopes are overprinted in either 1, 2 or full colour. The overprint process means we print on the on blank envelopes that are already made up. This is the most cost-effective way to print your details on envelopes in quantities as low as 1000. 

The DL size is 110x220mm which is slightly bigger than DL Size, so DL envelopes suit DL sized print items. 

The DL envelopes that we can print on are:

  • Plain Face
  • Window Face
  • Peel & Seal

Window faced envelopes have a clear cellophane window positioned in a standard position, see templates for the location of the window.

Secretive envelopes have the pattern printed on the inside that is meant to hide the contents of the envelope if held up to the light.

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