Brochures DL (A4 folded to DL)

Brochures DL - A4 size sheets creased & folded down to DL 210mm x 99mm in either roll fold (common) or z-fold. These brochures are compact and versatile giving 6 panels to create sections with and preset your businesses message in a fun and information-packed way. Having 6 printed pages gives your design options that a full A4 sheet doesn't. It is also able to be displayed in stands that hold DL sized material. 

We print both sides of the A4 sheet on 150gsm gloss or matt paper. This is a good weight that is not too light but stable enough to hold in the hand.

P.S. The 10,000 Special Promotion Offer carries an indicative 5-7 production days due to batch printing process.



  • 150gsm Gloss paper stock
  • Full-Colour CMYK Ink
  • Creased to avoid cracking
  • Roll-Folded or Z-Folded

"These popular DL brochures give your business 6 pages to keep the attention of your reader and sell your message"

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