Outdoor Vinyl Banner

Outdoor Vinyl Banners with Rope & Eyelets


Our outdoor vinyl banners are a versatile attention getter. These banners are used to get attention from people walking for driving past the signs. They are one of the best ways to get attention to your message for a local area. 

The vibrant CMYK full-colour inks used are UV resistant, eco-friendly latex inks which make them resist fading from direct sunlight as well as being scratch resistant.  We print in a high-resolution 720DPI which makes for sharp printing of photos and text.



  • All Weather Latex Inks
  • Rope and Eyelets
  • High-Resolution 720DPI
  • Heavy Duty 510gsm Vinyl Banner Material

Custom Options

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  • Ask for Different Finishes
  • Add $10 for Additional Artworks
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