Coated papers are available in two finishes – glossy (shiny and smooth) and matt (flat and lusterless). Coated glossy papers reflect the light evenly so they are suitable for almost all types of printing jobs. Glossy papers have a good ink holdout, which is important for creating sharp, bright images.

Celloglazing is a thin laminate coating that not only makes your printing look and feel great it but also increases longevity. We offer lamination on 250gsm and heavier art boards.


Please ask for a custom quote if not available online.

What's the correct layout I should use when supplying print ready files?

Most of the artworks require 2mm Bleed and a safety margin of 5mm from the trim line. Please see the artwork templates on individual product pages. Or, call our customer service team on (02) 9890 8898 to discuss.

There are three options for designing and customizing a product. 

1. Custom Design: lets you customize the products from a blank canvas. Click it to open the design studio and use multiple tools to create your own design.

2. Upload Design: using this option, you can upload your own JPEG or PDF images.

3. Browse Design: use this to select hundreds of pre-loaded templates. Work on them or customize them through our design studio.

The type of paper used for different purposes is expressed in weight. In the countries following the European system, it is grammes per square metre (gsm) and in the US system it is Pound (lb).

The paper used for writing/printing (letterheads and such stationery) is generally 100 gsm, most common flyers are printed on 150gsm coated paper and is called the paper or text stock.

Heavier stock is considered as card stock typically 250gsm and over. Good quality Business Cards are printed on 350gsm card stock and over.

Both paper and card stock are assessed in weight instead of thickness. So more gsm doesn't mean thicker but it means heavier. This is a very common misunderstanding among customers.

Yes, we do keep copies of all the artworks of completed jobs in our record for future printing needs. However, such files will be under BullPrint's ownership regardless of the initial source of the files and can not be claimed back by anyone.

If BullPrint has made any corrections to the customer provided artwork per their request or generated a new artwork, such files will be under BullPrint's ownership and can not be claimed back by anyone.

We will use them for any future printing needs if the printing order is placed with BullPrint.


What's the difference between CMYK and RGB?
CMYK refers to the four colours used in colour printing: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and key (Black). The CMYK model works by partially or entirely masking colours on a lighter background. This background is usually white. The ink reduces the light that would otherwise be reflected. Such a model is called ‘subtractive’ because inks and toners subtract the brightness from white.

In the same manner, the RGB colour model is an ‘additive’ colour model in which Red, Green and Blue light are mixed together, letting white light be the additive on a black screen. The RGB colour model is used in devices such as televisions, mobile phones, projectors and image scanners. Colour printers, on the other hand, are not RGB devices, but subtractive colour devices.

A lot of the colours you create in RGB mode are not achievable using standard four-colour process printing. It is always best to create your document from the start in CMYK colour mode to ensure that you have a better idea of how your colours are going to print.

Below is some terminology in reference to full-colour printing:

4/0 – Full Colour Front/No Print on Back
4/1 – Full Colour Front/One Colour on Back
4/4 – Full Colour Front/Full Colour Back

These names are pronounced as “Four over zero”, “Four over one” and “Four over four” and should be used if requesting for a quote.

For every single order, a proof MUST be approved by the customer before it can be released for production. We provide digital proofs via email which require to be approved clearly without any conditions.

If you have concerns with the digital proof you see at your end, please feel free to contact us via return email to the designer. We are more than happy to discuss any concerns regarding your proof, or arrange for a hard copy sample to be posted to you.

If a physical proof is required, we can provide it in certain situations with a possible additional shipping cost. Please contact our customer service team on (02) 9890 8898.

Will the colour of my job vary from order to order?
Unfortunately the answer is, Yes it can. This is because of the variables such as ambient conditions, inks/toners, stock (paper) characteristics like Whiteness, moisture content etc. 

The outcomes of the CMYK colours printing can vary from run to run and therefore BullPrint can not colour match to supplied proofs or previously printed items and will not reprint due to such variations.

300 dpi (dots per inch) is the resolution of the output PDF file.

We use digital printing method by default where applicable to allow smaller print run and achieve a quicker turnaround.

If we are specifically requested offset printing, we can certainly comply. 

The outside front cover is ‘Page 1’, the inside of the front cover is ‘Page 2’ and so on. For a saddle stitched booklet, artwork must be having pages in multiples of 4 to avoid blank pages. Moreover, the PDF artwork file must be set up with multiple pages matching the total printed page count including the cover pages having 2mm bleed and 5mm safety margin.

Yes! Though the artwork file being the same, it is almost impossible to assure a comparative match across various printers. The reality is, between the 2 different printing companies, the substrate (media on which printing is done) is different, its Whiteness is different, printing machine is different, printing process is different, toner/inks are different, RIP software (which interprets the digital file to 4 CMYK colours for printing).

Many variables are in play and practically impossible to get that constant colour match.

Yes! Though the artwork file being the same, it is almost impossible to assure a comparative match across the times of print on the same printer too. The reality is, between the 2 different print runs, the substrate (media on which printing is done) may act differently due to its varying Whiteness (being a natural product, the paper products can never ensure a 100% matching properties), at a point of printing, the printing machine's status is different like calibration, drums, fuser temprature, humidity etc. 

Sometimes the printing process is different i.e. digital vs offset, hence there would be a difference in toners vs inks, hence the RIP software (which interprets the digital file to 4 CMYK colours for printing) would be different.

Many variables are in play and practically impossible to get that constant colour match.

Yes, though the variation can vary depending on the colours used on the artwork, nature of digital device like mobile screens,  desktop monitors etc. Often the varions are almost negligible, but there will always be a difference between printed colours and screen colours.

There are few reasons why there can be variations. The digital proof is viewed on a backlit screen,  even if you view the same artwork on different screens, screen to screen variation will be noticed. Also, those screens are not calibrated everyday like our printers hence, our printing represents the colours from the artwork file rather than digital screens and finally, the screens use RGB colour gamut even if you are viewing CMYK coloured artwork however printing is done using only CMYK colours.

Which kind of Black do I use when designing for print?

When printing with the Black colour, there are two types that can be used.

Black – 100 K: Ideal for text, borders and barcodes.

CMYK Black – 60 C, 40 M, 40 Y, 100 K: Should be used when using large areas or blocks of Black for that Rich colour depth.


If there is a problem with your printed order, you must notify us within 7 days of receiving the goods or the claim will be denied.

After a thorough investigation of the complaint, if the problem is estblished to be due to an operator error, a replacement can be considered if feasible however, customer must return 100% of the received product within 14 days from the day the order was received.

Any charges related to artwork set up and expedited printing (Urgent Printing and Shipping) are non-refundable. Any artwork set up fee will not be refunded once the designer is allocated the job.

Any orders requested to be cancelled prior to production but after a tax invoice has been emailed by us will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Similarly,  any orders requested to be cancelled prior to production but after the proof approval request has been emailed by us, will be subject to a $55 cancellation fee.

The price on the price calculator Price includes GST but excludes delivery charges unless actual post code and suburb is provided to calculate the shipping fee online.

All online prices assume a print ready file to be provided by the customer to BullPrint in a specific format including bleed, safety margin etc. The file must be of CMYK colours in a pdf file format. If we are required to change any file, we will advise you with an additional cost.

Yes, $55 is the minimum order value excluding the delivery, artwork and priority printing charges.

Moreover, if an order is requested to be cancelled after the proof approval request has been sent by us, a cancellation fee of $55 applies.


This is very easy way to benefit while you shop. We give a bonus of 250 points for each new acccount sign up. Then onwards, you earn 1 rewards point per $1 of purchase made online.

You redeem the points by converting the points to a coupon code and then use that coupon code during your next purchase. It's that simple! (Maximum redeemable points per coupon is 1000)

Every 50 reward points are redeemed for $ what are you waiting for? Start collecting rewards points.

Unfortunately we don't accept multiple discounts on any orders. In case of instant discounts on the promotions, one is able to apply the rewards points to the promotional price due to some technical limitations on the website.

Until this is fixed, we will explain the limitation offline to the customer and apply the higher discount option to apply to the order. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Our design fee includes setting up of layout based on your input. It doesn't include creating any logos, which is a separate service. Any images you prefer on the artwork must be provided to us in high resolution OR must be easily available online free to download in high resolution.

Design fee is limited to generating artwork for printing purposes. The artwork file ownership will remain with BullPrint unless requested upfront (for which a separate fee will be charged)


BullPrint offers to arrange shipping of the orders with the shipping companies on behalf of the customer in case they chose not to pick up from our store. The customer will fully be responsible for shipping and handling costs. Shipment tracking, following up with the carrier or requesting any alternate delivery arrangements are also fully customer responsibilities.

Importantly, BullPrint will not be responsible for any delay of delivery orloss / damage of the orders once the order is handed over to the shipping company. Similarly, any shipments returned back to us in case of wrong address, no one available to accept the delivery, being carded etc. will call for additional shipping fee if it needs to be reshipped. 

BullPrint is a Sydney based printing company. Under Sydney STANDARD courier option, we will have your orders ready to dispatch with a hub based courier company like Couriers Please. Their delivery turnaround is 3-4 business days once picked up from us. This is not a guaranteed service - but they are usually pretty reliable.

If you require a guaranteed delivery service or same day delivery, please select the PRIORITY courier option where we can arrange the delivery with a non-Hub based couriers such as Startrack Couriers for an additional cost based on turnaround desired.

We ship the majority of our products using a Hub based courier service for the Sydney Metro Area. There are options for Point-to-Point delivery service within Sydney metro area at extra charge if requested. For the rest of the country, we prefer to ship via TNT Road Express OR StarTrack Express.

We can expedite and use fatster delivery services when specificaly requested by the customer which usually has an extra cost.

The turnaround time is displayed on individual product pages in the form of Production Days. Production days are for the printing time, calculated after the order is Paid and Proof Approved.

Production time on a working day is 7:30am to 3:30pm. Production days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Note that transit time for shipping is always additional to production turnaround and it is therefore advised that this be taken into consideration upon placing the order. 

While we exercise due diligence to meet your target completion date, unforeseen delays in delivery services, breakdown of equipments, illness, inclement weather and other occurrences may impact our ability to meet the deadline and we suggest calling our office should you have any concerns. You can reach us on 02 9890 8898.

Each product page is listed with applicable turaround of production days (counted after the order payment & proof approval). However, we do offer expedited printing and shipping service on most of the products. We strongly recommend to advise any specific turaround requirement upfront at the time of placing the order.

It may be noted that Urgent printing and Expedited shipping are two different services in a custom products business like printing. Since both these options have additional costs, customers are requested to communicate up front what is the turnaround requirement so we can quote and service accordingly.